Chilecito is the second department in importance in the province of La Rioja. It is located at the foot of the giant mountain of Famatina of 6250 mts over sea level, over Velazco mountain range of 4250 mts over sea level and near the low hills of Paiman chain.

It is 196 km from the capital of the province along national route nº 38, 70 km up to Patquia and along route nº 74 there are 126 km left to final destination.

The climate in this region is temperate with strong tendency to arid-temperate of the hills climate, with mild winters of a few cold days and long burning summers. Architecture in Chilecito is the result of a mixture of old and modern buildings. Its central square has native species such as cardon, algarrobo, tusca, espinillo, visco, chañar, tala and retamo.

Chilecito becomes outstanding for having been the most important mine center in the country. Its name results from the strong influence of chilean miners who arrived at the end of the XVIII century to work in the gold mines of the region.

Due to the location, over a big valley, Chilecito offers many tourist aspects to enjoy from during the stay in contact with nature.

Agrotourism, ecotourism, photo safaries, mountain bike, paragliding, trekking, horseriding, mountaineering and 4x4; these are some of the activities that could be performed in the region.

The most outstanding places to visit in Chilecito are: the Cable Carril, of 35 km long joining the train station of the city with la Mejicana Mine, Portezuelo lookout point, located at the foot of Famatina hill and the Incas Ruins of Tamberia.

You can also visit small beautiful districts around the city, just a few kilometers away, where the kindness of their people make visitors feel like staying longer.




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